Administrative Commands for server ?

Tactical Ops Server Administration

adminlogin [key] Login to server administrator.
adminlogout Exit to administration server.
adminreset Restart the game.
say # [text] Send text message to all players.
whisper [id] [text] Send private message to all players.
punish [id] [text] Kill friendly player who killed you.
endround Restart the round.
pkick [id] Eject player.
ptempkickban [id] Eject player temporary.
pkickban [id] Eject player permanent.
addbots [amount] Add amount bots.
killall bot Ejects all bots.
switchlevel [map] Change map.
switchteams Change sides teams.
setname [id] Set the name to player you want. 
slomo [number] Set the game speed .
demorec [Name] Recording game.
stopdemo Stop recording game.
demoplay [Name] Play the recording of game.

TOST Server Administration

showadmintab Show administration panel.
showgametab Show game settings panel.
showweapontab Show weapons settings panel.
showteaminfo Show information of players.
showweapon Show kit weapons.
showip [id] Show the IP address of the player.
forcename [id] [name] You can rename the opponent.
kickTK Eject player for killing his friend.
fteamchg [id] Change team to player.
punish [id] Force the death of player.
killpawn Kill all opponents.
mkteams Equal teams.
salogin [key] Login to semi-administrator.
salogout Exit semi-administrator.
sasay [text] Send message from the screen.