How to configure KeyBinder ?


Buying a gun or bomb.

1)- Open the KeyBinder in the "Mods" tab.

2)- The following KeyBinder window is opened.

3)- Here we click the button to set. ( In this case the button "-" )

4)- Then we go to the tab aggregates, where we see multiple options to choose from. (In this case we esgorememos "Buy" for comparing a gun or pump our preference.

5)- Then we look for the weapon down we want to add. (In this case it will be a "Flashbang Grenade"), we select and give you double click on the name that will appear in the white box as command KeyBinder added.

6)- Once and done all we click on the "Bind" button to save the change.


Send a simple written message.

1)- Select a key that is not in use. ( In this case " * " ).

2)- We go to the options dialog box is added. ( In this case "Various" )

3)- In the bottom we seek "Say" and we double click on its name to be displayed in the white box.

4)- Then write the message of your choice to your liking.

5)- Then we click the "Bind" button to save the changes.


Make combinations of multiple key options.

Example: Adding a Full Hellmet+ HE Grenade + AK-47 rifle.

1)- We click a button that is not in use. ( In this case " / " )

2)- We right-click and a box with multiple options to choose appears. ( In this case we go to "Buy" ).

3)- Then we went to "Items" and in turn selected in "Armor All".

4)- Appears code in full armor protection "Armor All".

5)- Then to buy a bomb, we right click it then appears to us again box and headed to "Buy", then we proceeded to "Weapons" and in turn select the "HE Grenade".

6)- Appears code of the explosive bomb "HE Grenade" .

7)- To purchase the rifle "AK-47" do the same procedure by right-clicking the mouse and go to "Buy", then to "Weapons" and in turn selected in "AK47".

8)- Appears.code rifle "AK-47"

9)- Once done click in the "Bind" button to save the change.