How to create LAN game ?

STEP #1: Start New Multiplayer Game

STEP #2: Match

Category Tactical Ops is default.
Gametype Game mode style.
Map Name              Election to map.
Map List Maps list or not playable juegables choice.
Mutators Switches that change the game type.

STEP #3: Rules

Round Limit Total number of rounds per team.
Time Limit Maximum time limit on the map.
Briefing duration Time when output started after buy players.
Round duration Time when the round ends.
Force Team Balance       Maximum connected players allowed on the server.
Friendly Fire [0%] Percentage of hurting themselves friends.
Mirror Damage If you fire a friend include the same damage you.
Explosion FF That the bombs hurt your friends.
Allow Ghost Cam Camera given case if you're dead in the middle game.
Min allowed score The maximum number of puntiacion in the game.

STEP #4: Settings

Enable ballistics Transfer of bullets in the walls.
Reduce effects Strong visual effects graphics in the game.
Disable real damages Disable the actual damages in the game
Disable IDLEManager           If the players absent and so expel a time set by the game itself.

STEP #5: Bots

Base Skill Level of difficulty of robots.
Min. Total Players              Number of robots in the game.
Balance Teams Keeping the number of order of each team.
Auto Adjust Skill Auto adjusts the difficulty level of the robots on each map change.
Random Order Randomly will use robots

STEP #6: Server

Server Name Place the server name. 
Admin Name Place the administrator name.
Admin Email Place the administrator email.
MOTD Line 1 [Optional] - Place preference messages.
MOTD Line 2 [Optional] - Place preference messages.
MOTD Line 3 [Optional] - Place preference messages.
MOTD Line 4 [Optional] - Place preference messages.
Advertise Server If you want to appear in the global list of internet servers.
Optimize for LAN Efficiency local game starting with computers connected to your LAN.
Game Password If want to put a password and your private server.
Admin Password Key important to manage your server in general.
WWW Remote Admin It is to manage your own Web server from a game.
WWW Username User name to access the Web Server Administration (Must be the name all together).
WWW Password User password to access the Web server management.
Webserver Port No.                                                                                                         This the default is 80, allows to enter the Web server management then it appears as a variable to connect, for example (http: // localhost: 80 => "localhost = IP of your PC = XXXX ").

STEP #7: Run LAN Server

Dedicated                    Server is active.
Start Server is active only when you're in the game.
Exit Exit to settings.